Springtime in Steamboat Springs

Springtime in Steamboat Springs

Springtime means I can’t make up my mind. Should I go snowboard? Should I go for a hike? Should I go fly fishing?

Oh the dilemmas of mountain life. Besides a variety of awesome events like the Rock the Boat music series the change in weather brings more outdoor opportunities. With the sun shining brighter and longer all sorts of adventure awaits.

My first year here I was treated to a multi-sport day. We went backcountry snowboarding on Buffalo Pass, then Fly Fishing Walton Creek and the Yampa River in the afternoon. We finished the day with a trip to Strawberry Park Hot Springs. This set a standard that has always inspired some of my most memorable days in Steamboat Springs.

Springtime on the mountain is always a good time. The spring time is warmer, the snow is softer, and is you are just visiting it can be less expensive. Crushing slush while getting a tan is a great way to spend your day. The softer spring snow affords for maybe going a little faster or a little bigger on your favorite kicker. It does take a good waxing of your deck and of course a properly prepared pack of supplies.

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy……In the spring, as the air and water temp begin to rise the trout in the Yampa begin to become more active. In order to survive the winter, trout will find holes or eddies where the water may be warmer and stay low in the water. This is why a Nymph is best. My standard rig is a bead headed stonefly chased by a black zebra midge. It is always best though to consult with a local outfitter. The knowledge and experience of the skilled staff at Steamboat Fly Fisher is my go to crew in town.

Some days though I may not be looking for adventure and might just want a good stretch of the legs. It is so easy to find so many wonderful places in Steamboat Springs by simply going for a walk. With the spring conditions the snow becomes packed and easy to walk on without snow shoes. Though a good set of traction aids can help tremendously. A hike on Spring Creek trail or climbing up to the quarry on Emerald Mountain are both great spring time choices.

Weather will impact the decision on what to do in the springtime in Steamboat Springs its the variety that makes it difficult to choose.