A good stretch of the legs, lets go for a walk

A good stretch of the legs, lets go for a walk

One of my favorite things about Steamboat Springs is how easy it is to get around. My favorite way is by foot. There are a plethora of walks and trails in town. Interconnecting them can get you anywhere you want to go. It all just a good stretch of the legs.

Most recognizable is the Yampa Valley Core Trail. This paved trail stretches through town for over 7 miles. It connects to all from the mountain area to the heart of downtown. Many great views await you on this walk. Especially from the bridges downtown looking east to Steamboat Resort. These are perfect places to take pictures. It also has a variety of points of interest along the way. These include Yampa River access for fishing, tubing and swimming. The Yampa River Botanic Park is right on the trail near Fetcher Park. And after your long stroll there is easy access to all of the restaurants, bars, art galleries and shopping that Downtown Steamboat has to offer. It is a multi-use trail so don’t be surprised to see me having ditched my walking shoes for a cruiser bike with fly fishing gear loaded on the back and a big smile on my face.

A favorite off shoot from the Core trail for me is the Walton Creek Trail. Following the core trail east you go under Route 40 along the creek and continues for a mile to Whistler Park. This can also connect to the Bear Creek Trail which when you get toward the top has great views out to the south valley.

Another wonderful stroll is connecting the Fish Creek Trail to the Angel View Trail. This loop is a quick 1.5 miles. Best part is along the Fish Creek trail you can pick and nibble serviceberries during the late summer and fall.  There is usually a lot of bear scat so watch your step.

The city does provide a great website to show you the trail system overlaid on a satellite map of town. Use this resource to plan you next stroll in Steamboat. Having many times walked from where I reside in the the mountain area condos to historic downtown I can speak to the variety of ways to journey across this beautiful valley. With so many incredible destinations in Steamboat for adventure, excitement or relaxation don’t forget, sometimes what you have been searching for is right in front of you. Come on up and lets go outside and play!