Bring Your Dog to Steamboat Springs

Bring Your Dog to Steamboat Springs


I have been looking forward to this for a long time. I have officially become a dog owner! My S.O. and I met a little rescue dog that a friend was fostering and fell in love. She is a wonderfully sweet Weimaraner. Now I am the over doting dog parent that I used to make jokes about. The transition has been going well. To be in Steamboat Springs is perfect as it is very dog friendly community.

So much so that in August if 2016 a group of dog lovers gathered at a city council meeting to voice their concerns about a lack of more off leash areas in town.  They decided to create Steamboat Digs Dogs and have successfully advocated for new off leash areas as well as improvement to the existing ones including:

Spring Creek Trail Park is accessible only by non-motorized means. Parking is available at the trailhead located at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Amethyst Drive. To access Spring Creek Park go to the intersection of Highway 40 (Lincoln Ave) and 3rd Street proceed up 3rd Street two blocks (North) to Pine Street turn right on Maple Street proceed approximately 1/2 mile to Amethyst Drive the park is about a half mile up the Spring Creek Trail (39185 RCR 34).

Rita Valentine Park can be accessed from Highway 40 (Lincoln Ave.) and Anglers Drive intersection. Proceed up Anglers Drive (North) approximately 2 miles and park in the lot located on the left side of Anglers Drive. (1010 Anglers Drive).

If you need any necessities while here in Steamboat Springs for your dog look no further than Paws and Claws in Central Park plaza. Great local shop with a wonderful selection of products and very kind and knowledgeable staff.

There are many other walks that you are able to go one but your canine companion does need to be on leash. The Steamboat Springs Revised Municipal Code reads: “A dog shall be considered running at large if the dog is left unattended on any public property, whether or not the dog is secured by a leash, cord, chain or other means…” Please be respectful of others and your dog. Do not leave your dog unattended in a public place. You could be cited for Dog at Large. The first offense is a $50.00 fine. Most importantly a dog off leash,if you have a wildlife encounter {Bear or Moose},  can have the direst of consequences for you or your furry friend.

Check out Pioneer Ridge pet friendly properties and you won’t have to leave your sweet furry family member behind when coming to Steamboat Springs.